Instead of getting back to school we got back to work and oh boy did we build a number of awesome templates and plugins for you guys 🔥


  • New and long-awaited Fitly template is now ready-to-use. :) This template will help you establish the online presence of a fitness 🏋️center or a gym. It has a ton of features including gym classes planning, sessions scheduling, enrollments, etc.
Fitly - fitness center no-code template
Fitly — Fitness Center Template
  • Our Marketly — Full Marketplace Template allows you to bring buyers and sellers together while you will keep a commission as a platform owner. The essential feature for those who are building a marketplace platform.
  • If you plan to launch 🚀a Recruitment Agency — check out Recruitmently no-code template. It hosts job openings from various companies and allows applicants to manage their profiles and upload more docs for each job. Besides that and a ton more things — the template has a great admin panel.
  • Our bestseller template just got a complete redesign and more functions. Of course, that’s the Headstart no-code template. This template, packed with new features is a gem for both newbies and pro Bubblers. It has all the components and functions one might need for building a web app quick and easy. And It still costs only $99. Check it out!
  • Build a basic discussion board using Forumly — Forums Template. It will help you bring people together to exchange opinions, ask questions ❓and help each other out.
  • One more template for Job seekers and recruiters is Boardly — Job Board template. It comes with a lot of handy features and a powerful admin panel for the template owner to manage the platform.
  • Referral programs are still rocking 🤘 it. For those our Koinz — Referrals & Rewards template with a loyalty system was launched. It allows users to create referral links and share them via social networks and other channels. Learn more in the live demo.
  • Do you remember our MyDoors property project? Check our brand new template Doors — Property Page Builder. It allows creating a personal page for the property, upload videos, images, and descriptions. Wanna build one just like that? Now you can for just $149.
  • Are you dreaming about a social network 🌐 for your neighborhood community? Our newly Nextdoorly Template is all about that and enabling the opportunity to share the information, offer and find help and just be nice within your neighborhood.
Nextdoorly no-code template
Neighborhood Communities like NextDoor Template


  • We’ve built a slick Range Slider plugin that selects value or range of values between specified min and max. Various transition skins and types are an additional option that you’ll appreciate. Visit the demo page for details. :)
  • A great solution for the “contact us” link is Whatsapp and Other Messenger Contact Buttons Plugin. It allows adding messenger contact buttons to easily get in touch with the site owner. Your user will be able to send messages or open chat windows with one click.
  • Our Algolia Search plugin was gradually improved and now is called Algolia Search v. 2.0. It allows integrating Algolia’s powerful search-as-a-service solution and v.2.0. is much easier to configure and use.
  • Improve your chat widget with Typing Detector&Indicator Plugin. With this plugin, you can create a more interactive UX for chat interfaces. Watch the live demo to get more info. 😉
Typing Detector&Indicator Plugin for Bubble
Typing Detector&Indicator Plugin
  • To add a great payment system into your app use Dwolla Bank and ACH payments plugin. It enables ACH and Bank payment transfers through the Dwolla API. Take a sneak peek on it if you are building an app for the US market!
  • Whether you want to sell online, build a mobile app, or just collect payments from your customers check out the Magpie Payment Plugin. It’s an alternative payment processing provider that you want to check out!
  • The last plugin we have just published will let you create the perfect timing application. Check all the timer options right here — Timer and Stopwatch plugin.
Timer and Stopwatch Plugin for Bubble
Timer and Stopwatch plugin


  • We are working on a new Zeroqode Lab Course. Soon, you’ll be able to enroll in the Headstart tutorial. Keep an eye on our Lab news.
  • A new messaging plugin is waiting to be released. It will be based on Twilio Programmable Messaging API for Whatsapp. Stay tuned!
  • Two new Reusable Blocks are coming soon. One of them is Animations Block which will allow creating a more engaging UX for your users and the second one is Custom Elements Block, which will ease your app-building process with a number of reusable elements.
  • Don’t miss two clean and simple landing page templates & Biographly template that will connect your single link in bio to multiple links you can configure.

Happy building with Zeroqode products!