Hello Zeroqoders,

We managed to do a ton of stuff in July despite the heat and summer wanderlust.

Check out our new products, templates, plugins and other cool stuff we have been working on.


  1. We are very proud of our new EditorJS plugin — a next generation block style editor. Use different blocks 🏗: paragraphs, headings, images, lists, quotes, and more to create clean and professional documentation, guidelines or knowledge bases. You should absolutely check it out!
EditorJS Plugin for Bubble
  1. Habits are 90% of our daily routine that happens (almost) without our conscious involvement. So it’s important to develop good ones. There are a lot of apps and solutions these days that are built around the idea of working on good habits, so if you wanted to build one — this just got a lot easier. Meet Habitly — a Habit Tracker Template. It helps users to build habits and keep track of how they last. Great for meditation, fitness, and healthy lifestyle applications 🧘‍♂️.
  2. Does your Bubble app work with MS Office and Google doc files? We know your pain — always the download ⏬ for preview. But not any more! Our Documents Viewer plugin allows to preview docs right inside your app 👀 Watch the live demo to see how this works.
  3. If you were thinking about building an app for car rentals 🚙🚗 then we have some great news. Our brand new Rently template will let you easily set up a car rental website with online payments to automate the entire car rental process. And it looks so slick 😎!
Rently No-Code Template by Zeroqode
  1. Clean and powerful Uplisty template will help you build a listing ranking website with tons of cool features including animated custom menu and super quick search 🔎. Check it out!
  2. Our new Loan Calculator Plugin is great for easy calculations of interest rates, principal amounts and other parameters for loan-related applications and solutions 🏦. And the best part — it’s free! 🤑.


Recently we’ve launched our new product Mydoors — a free property 🏠 page builder with a unique memorable link which you can share in all your ads and conversations. It’s a great way to let your friends know your place’s exact location and how it looks like.

Mydoors - property page builder no-code template

It was great to see Ilovefreesoftware getting together a 👣 step-by-step guide how to create property page on Mydoors. Exciting!

If you have a property for sale or rent we invite you to put Mydoors into action. Did we say that it’s free? 😜


  • We are working on the Referrals Template. It is built around a referral system for your users to spread the word about you in their networks and be rewarded for that.
  • In case you are building a copywriters ✍️ marketplace — we are working on a Scripted like Template. Stay tuned!
  • Our Fitness Template is almost done. We are applying some final touches on UI/UX design and will share it soon.


Why not everyone should learn how to code

We shared our thoughts 🤔 on why not everyone should learn how to code in our recent blog post. Let us know if you agree with us in the comments 💬section.

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Thanks for your support!

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