Walletly no-code template by Zeroqode
Walletly — The e-Wallet Template
  • Our brand new Biographly template creates your custom bio page and connects your single link to bio with multiple different ones that you can configure and customize. Great for using in your email signatures and on forums, for example.
  • Launching a business and need a simple but catchy landing page? Look at our Startup Page template. It’s a pre-packaged stylish landing page ready and available for you in no time.
  • Another pre-made template for a simple (but stylish) landing is our Starter Landing Page. It is mobile-friendly and is great for agencies!
Landing page no-code template
Starter Landing Page Template
  • Custom elements block is a collection of must-have elements such as subscribe&contact forms, FAQs, Header&Footer, etc. that you can use in your app. How-to’s for plugging each element is included.
  • If you want to experiment with different animations — use our One-page Animation block. As all the blocks & templates — it’s reusable and you can use it for as many apps as needed. Worth a shot!
One-page Animation no-code block by Zeroqode
One Page Animations Block Video


  • A new messaging plugin is now live! Use our Twilio Whatsapp to add Whatsapp business flows to your app, such as alerts, notifications & customer support.
  • Mobile-first is all the rage, and our new plugin will save your time on a responsive Sliding Menu to add the fancy touch to your app’s UI.
Sliding Menu Plugin for Bubble
  • Know who your users are with our Full user info plugin, that pulls all the basic info, such as device type, browser, the language and more!


  • Have you signed up on Zeroqode yet? If you did — check out your new profile page! We’re upgrading it for more great things to come very soon! Let us know what you think about it on our forum.
  • We get a lot of questions on how to actually use a template. We decided it’s going to help if we create a super simple Video Tutorial to explain the process step-by-step.


  • Looking for ways to deliver video content to your users? Keep an eye on the video streaming platform template coming soon.
  • Interested in an application that allows programming bot-like messages to the user? The popular messenger bot template is on its way.
  • We are working on a new template that can be used as an online platform for copywriters and marketers. Stay tuned!
  • Video-Sharing Platform inspired by Youtube/Vimeo that allows its users to upload, view, share, comment on videos and subscribe to other video channels.
  • We are creating a Stripe Enhanced Plugin you’ll appreciate.
  • Are you a radio fan? Wait for an audio player plugin with Radio functionality, done purely on Bubble.
  • We are in the process of upgrading our rich text editor plugin. RTE 2.0 Plugin will be announced shortly.