We’re excited to announce the Three Winners of our “Best Startup Idea” contest!

We want to send a big “Thank You” to everyone who participated in the competition. You blew us away with your great ideas and we hope to continue working with all of you to build amazing startups! But, from the thirty submissions, only three could win. Tasked with the near-impossible job of picking the Top Three Startup Ideas, Emmanuel Straschnov (Co-Founder of Bubble) has made the choice for us and is ready to announce the winners.

So, without further ado, cheers for the First, Second, and Third prizes!

Third prize goes to Adith Victor

Adith Victor won $200 worth of Zeroqode No-Code Templates

Adith Victor’s idea is to build a platform to hire a personal shopper who will do your online shopping. With this platform, people will be able to hire a personal shopper and tell them their requirements following which the personal shopper will manually search and present 3 options for you to buy, based on your requirement.

Emmanuel Straschnov commented: “Some people develop a great expertise online, while for some others still struggle with tools and shopping platforms. He is convinced, there has to be a way to have these two people meet and match, and for the first ones, get compensated for their skills, while saving money and time for the seconds.”

Adith Victor won $200 worth of Zeroqode Templates.

Second prize goes to Vez Onn

Vez Onn won $270 worth of Zeroqode No-Code Templates.

Vez Onn’s startup idea is a monthly subscription to cloud based intake forms the small businesses can access. They’ll get access to pre-built custom intake forms or create one themselves. Going to start in the legal industry, that’s what he is most familiar with, then expand to other industry that require client or patient info gathering.

Emmanuel, while choosing the winners, shared his reasons. “Small business, professional services all need to come online. We need more solutions to help them to do so cheaply and efficiently.”

Vez Onn won $270 worth of Zeroqode Templates.

The First prize winner is Arthur Moreira

Arthur Moreira won $377 worth of Zeroqode No-Code Templates.

Arthur Moreira is a freelancer designer from Brazil, motivated by culture & technology. He loves working with UX/UI Design, solving real user problems and create thoughtful and beautiful experiences are root of this work!

His startup idea is to build a inverse of the current stores! Instead of looking for what you want, you simply make a post of the product you want to buy, say its conditions, for example: blue sofa, for 4 people, that delivered in my house Saturday afternoon, up to $ 300. And receive several proposals from qualified sellers with your request.

While naming Arthur the winner Emmanuel said: “As stores are going online, this can be an interesting and reverse way for them to do marketing. On the other hand, individuals need help to navigate between the different options online out there for shopping. This can be a great new way to do things.”

Arthur Moreira won $377 worth of Zeroqode Templates.

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So, What’s Next?

If you’re one of the winners, please reach out to us on Facebook to get your prize. If you were not one of the top three this time, we would still love to collaborate with you! You can check out our no-code templates, or shoot us a message on Facebook to discuss the opportunities.

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