Developers know that integrating an API into an app or a website at times is not an easy task and may quickly become challenging or at least time consuming.

More often than we would want to, the API documentation is incomplete or not very clear. Many API interfaces now apply OAuth2 to let you access their apps on behalf of their users and that requires a lot of tinkering with access scopes, authorization tokens, token renewals and many other things. Even making standard POST and GET calls can also be not as straightforward because quite often the requests suddenly require additional (and sometimes unexpected) parameters to be sent or formatted in such a way that you wouldn’t see right away from looking at the docs.

So the developer has to spend time not only on checking the API integration docs but then also to google the solutions on stackoverflow and other similar dev resources to seek help when they get stuck with the implementation. We’re sure that all the developers that have ever worked on a complex integration would know exactly what we mean here.

Postman app did a lot of heavy lifting with their tool that simplifies testing and integration of APIs without necessarily having to code the connectors. Their product saved us and a lot of other developers countless hours of work.

But the tool by itself does not have the answers to all the integration related questions — it is built to help you to simplify (a ton!) the trial and error process.

So, we thought — wouldn’t this be just great if there was a place where any developer could find the templates for any application programming interface provider with everything you need to set up for the call already preconfigured?

That’s how we came up with an idea to build Postman Collections — a Platform where anyone can find hundreds of ready-made API Collections for Postman which you can import into your Postman with 1 click, and give back to your fellow techies to earn extra karma.

Ready-made, fully tested API collections for Postman
Postman Collections - Find and Connect to any API in one

And voilà — a bit of no-code magic and today we’re launching Postman Collections on Product Hunt and would like to invite you to join the discussion.

API collections for Postman by Zeroqode

Whenever you have a moment — Check us Out and let us know what you think!