If you are planning to publish a native app at App Store or Google Play we have a solution that will make it easier for you. The recent trend is to build webview apps instead of fully native apps written specifically for iOS and Android. Google’s concept of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is just around the corner!

Until PWA are in the mainstream market, webview app, which is the closest thing to them, means a native wrapper (think of it as a container) that shows a content from a website. The website should be responsive otherwise the application won’t be usable on mobile devices.

Zeroqode Native Apps solution that we have launched today on Product Hunt is basically a webview package for iOS and Android, which you can use to wrap your website and publish to App Store or Google Play.

Zeroqode Native Apps - Convert any web application into native iOS & Android apps | Product Hunt
Zeroqode Native Apps is a tool that converts your existing web applications into native iOS & Android apps, automagically.

All you would need to do is to change a few parameters in one config file, and customize the splash screens, icons to fit your branding.

Zeroqode Native Apps

With recent updates to App Store’s policy though, you will also need to enable push notifications or other native app features to justify the need of web wrapped native app vs a pure web application. Now App Store doesn’t seem to any longer welcome native apps which are a pure webview and do not differ from a mobile version of a website from user experience perspective.

Our package luckily allows you to have push notifications and other native functions like:

  • In-app purchases:
  • AdMob support
  • Firebase integration
  • OneSignal integration
  • Social Logins
  • Geolocation

And much more!

Zeroqode and Webview

The benefits of using a webview wrapper compared to coding apps separately for iOS and Android are obvious:

Fast Deployment
No coding skills required, just download the source code and edit one config file to setup everything. Also, if you want it is possible to extend app’s functionality.

Single development cycle for all platforms:

Since the core of your app is running on a webserver, you will only need to do it once for all 3 major platforms — Web, iOS and Android. No need to pay 3 times for the same solution.

The best part? New features and bug fixes will also need to only be done once for all three.

Real Time Updates
This is extremely convenient for quick changes , as once you make an update on your web app it reflects immediately in your native wrapped app too, so no need to re-submit your app unless you have new purely native features rolled out

We invite you to join the discussion at Product Hunt, ask questions or leave us some feedback :)

Oh, you read till the end! This is for you:)