If you are building web or mobile app, chances are very high, that you would need to integrate some sort of APIs into it. And that can be very challenging even if you are not a novice developer. Postman made a huge step forward in the way how APIs nowadays are built and tested. Its intuitive and user friendly interface allows even non-developers to test almost any API without writing a single line of code.

Yet the API documentation prepared by the service provider very often is poorly prepared or is buggy and even with Postman tool at your hand, you may struggle finding the right combination or sequence of calls, or the right parameters that should be sent with the call.

Zeroqode is about to announce the launch Postman Collections — that will be a place to browse through hundreds of ready-made tested APIs which can be imported to your Postman App with a single click — and all for free :)

Get early access and sign up here: Postman collections.