We are excited to have grown so much in the past year, we decided to launch Zeroqode 2.0 on Product Hunt. Read below about our achievements to date.


It was a big day. November 8, 2017. A day that will go down in history — well, at least our “history.”

Nearly one year ago, Zeroqode was first launched on Product Hunt, confidently heralding our platform as “the next big thing.” And, we were quick to back up our big talk with big moves — comprising a suite of No-Code tools, plugins, web-to-native solutions, No-Code courses and a Chrome extension. As we expand and adapt our products to meet your needs, as our customers, we’ve grown fast. So fast, in fact, we’ve realized it’s time to announce the beginning of a new era, and to once again herald the “next big thing” — Zeroqode 2.0!

A one-stop-shop for both No-Code products and services, Zeroqode 2.0 ushers in the future for No-Code creators around the world. And, we’re happy to help. ;)

So, what’s under the hood in Zeroqode 2.0?

Look no further than our tried-and-true, best-in-class No-Code products. The most popular of which are our Zeroqode Templates, 52 strong, which are helping individuals and businesses every day quickly create their own fully-functional applications — no coding skills required.

A great example of what a game-changer these templates are is our Postman Collections — the biggest library of ready-made API collections for Postman. Recognizing the need for such a site and identifying that the functionality should be similar to Product Hunt, we were able to use our “Daily Hunts like Product Hunt” template to build out the web application’s infrastructure in hours (not months)! Better yet, the framework we created has managed to withstand the site’s growth, proving the robust scalability of our products.

Our Zeroqode Plugins have also been wildly successful, equipping No-Code creators to build faster and incorporate state of the art features in their UI/UX designs! Likewise, to enable long-term scalability and flexibility as you grow, we’ve released our Web2Native solutions to enable an easy wrapping of your source code into a config file for Android, iOS, or both!

Let’s not leave behind our Chrome Extension for Bubble which allows anyone to configure shortcuts for various actions of the Bubble editor, like switching between tabs, or calling different alignment actions and more. And our collection of four curated Zeroqode Courses to lead you in the adventure of learning Bubble and building a successful startup.


Stay tuned for more to come from Zeroqode! Soon, we will be expanding our current “courses” to encompass a full Zeroqode Academy in which we will train you in everything you need to know in order to become a No-Code jedi.

And the expanding will not end here. Shortly we will integrate Bubblewits into Zeroqode Development services, in which our talented No-Code developers team up with you to build amazing apps on Bubble. We believe this step forward with offering our development services to visionaries around the world will empower a multitude of others to unleash their creativity into the world, via a stellar web application.

Excited about news? Share it with the world! We launched Zeroqode 2.0 on Product Hunt today and would love for you to join the discussion there and share your feedback!