Free, easy-to-make, no-code website or mobile app… Sounds like dream?

Well, we are happy to share exciting news — it’s a reality. Yep, online startup is no more a will-o’-the-wisp for you. With Bubble Templates you can run your business straight away.
How can it be that minimum investments result in maximum profit? The scheme is simple and clear: today’s technologies + no-code app templates = successful business!

Besides, using these patterns, you can have your cake and eat it too, because you master fast on Bubble platform and create your startup from scratch at once! So, here’s how you start your Bubble journey with free website templates useful both in education and in your professional needs.

Stylish Landing Page Template

Who needs this : Sellers, Marketers, Business Owners
Utility : Boost biz, Collect a database

Stylish Landing Page Template for Bubble

Startly Landing Page No-code Template

If you have something to offer your clients and you want your message to be heard, you should definitely create a landing page.

Promote your business by receiving traffic and creating your own database by using contact form in this template. Responsive design and animations will attract potential customers and increase your conversion rates for sure!

Zeroqode developed creative landing page template with responsive design. With this template you will only need to make several steps to success:

  • add template to your account
  • replace the content with your product description or providing services

That’s it!

Give your visitors qualitative information about the offer. As a result the leads you acquire will be higher quality because they know exactly what they are getting, so you can be sure that it is what they want.

Project Management App

Who needs this : Entrepreneurs, Project Managers, Programmers
Utility : Quick duties organization, Tracking time

Projects + Landing Template for Bubble

No-code template suitable for Project Management tool

Nowadays the hustle and bustle rhythm of a big city is normal. Many business people today always have million things on their to-do list and don’t know where to start.

When you need something better than just sticky notes - Tasky is your answer. Organize your team, create and delegate to-dos with a single click. This app can help you optimize your work and achieve your dreams faster! Responsive design and dashboard allow to transform the template as you see it and make it the best tool to join forces and work effectively.

So if you have a great idea for a task or project management style application that you want to enhance with your custom logic, visuals and logic — this is your chance!
Just download template to your app and make sure it’s your personal lifesaver!

With free Bubble templates you’ll make sure proverb lies — both learning and mission can be easy! ;)

Now you see that minimum investments can lead to maximum result if you do business wisely.

Discover more opportunities with other amazing templates and good luck on your upcoming MVP product launch!