We interviewed Lucie Thiolliere from the Implement Education platform built with no-code. Lucie and her husband Badis co founded this amazing platform to educate Marketing Leaders.

Tell us what Implement is all about in 140 characters?

Implement is a marketplace where independent experts (called coaches) give live online courses spanning over multiple days (called sprints).

Why did you and your husband want to start an online course platform?

As marketing professionals in startups, my husband and I were both frustrated with online learning for professionals. We often had to learn new skills quickly but we were not satisfied with online video courses - too impersonal, lonely and not actionable enough - nor with one-to-one coaching - too expensive for a small business.

That’s why we decided to start Implement!

Why did you choose ‘no code’ as a base to build Implement?

Back in April 2020, we were considering raising funds to hire a tech team to build our product, since we do not have a tech founder on the team. But a conversation with one of our coaches gave us the idea to look into ‘no code’ to build our platform. I discovered Bubble and realized it would be a great, affordable, solution for us.

I liked the fact that I could integrate all the features I wanted in a single product and be totally autonomous for the platform’s management.

What makes Implement different from other platforms?

For users, Implement is different from other platforms for 5 main reasons:

  • Actionable: They get to learn actively while advancing on their project at hand;
  • Engaging: The live format is much more engaging and they get to choose freely which classes to take, without asking their manager;
  • Personalized: They get access to one-to-one expert advice;
  • Time Saving: They do not need to mobilize long periods of time as sprints are short;
  • Controlled Budget: They get to afford a great learning experience at a fair price.
no code video platform
no code video platform

You don't only have courses on the Implement platform direct from your team, you also have secondary parties with their videos, can you explain the thinking behind this?

We do not want to be a traditional training company. Our goal is to build the ‘Udemy’ of live courses: a platform where great coaches can teach professionals from all around the world. We are currently looking for independent coaches to expand our offer. Anyone can apply on our platform.

Do you have a favorite course?

We are still a bit early so it’s hard for me to tell what’s my favorite course! I really like my husband’s teaching style - very direct and a lot of humor - but I might be slightly partial 😊

Has covid-19 affected building Implement or your product launch?

Yes, sure. Covid-19 has had both positive and negative impacts on our company. We feel that investors are more cautious and prefer to focus on their existing portfolio. So it seems harder to raise funds now than a year ago. But on the bright side, this has accelerated the need for reliable e-learning solutions.

If you would like to learn more about Implement, you can visit their website and join here https://join-implement.com/. You can also check out our no code video template to create your own educational platform.

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