Got a startup idea but no technical co-founder? Check out these new Zeroqode template releases to find the best match for your idea!

Meet these New Templates by Zeroqode

Over the last couple of weeks, we have launched nearly a dozen brand new templates to help you build your application up to 10x faster. Here is a review of our newest templates, hot out of the oven and ready for you!

  1. News Aggregator like Digg

Looking to build a news aggregator like Digg? Use our template to save some time and money! This fully responsive template is a blog and news aggregator app similar to Users can create video or text articles, upvote content, and browse categories.

news aggregator like Digg

2. Forum like Discourse

If you were always looking to build a forum like Discourse to enable community discussion, we are here to make your building process easier. Forum like Discourse template can be used for discussions, support, and education. It’s fully responsive and can be customized to match the look and feel of your main website (through an admin page). The template comes with a paid plugin, Vanilla Rich Text Editor, which you will need to create an account for $10/month (in addition to your Bubble subscription). Or, you can replace this plugin with any other Rich Text Editor plugins of your choice.

forum like Discourse no-code template

3. Dating like Tinder

While Tinder is still helping couples find each other, Zeroqode continues helping founders launch their MVP in days. Our Dating like Tinder template features swiping right and left to like or dislike users, messaging when there is a match, and settings to notate gender or search geographical search radius. The template is optimized for use on mobile devices, but works on desktops as well.

Web app template like Tinder

4. CRM & Sales

Customer relationship management can be difficult and a simple Google Sheet just can’t do the job anymore. To ease your CRM process and boost your sales, we’ve launched a CRM & Sales template. This template allows you to manage your CRM with drag and drop functionality. It is a beautiful and powerful tool for managing your clients, leads, deals and sales pipelines.

CRM & Sales No-code template by Zeroqode

5. Recruitment Platform

Searching for the right candidate is never easy. Sometimes you get good candidates for the wrong jobs. How nice would be to keep those applications until your next recruitment round? To optimize the process, we created the Recruitment Platform template. This template features an application form to capture all the information you need from your candidates. It also has a powerful dashboard to search through the database of candidates using filters like experience, education, and location. Each candidate will have an account and their own page where they can keep their information up to date.

Recruitment Platform web app template

6. Job Board like

Remote is eliminating the gap between freelancers and companies who are seeking to employ professionals, no matter their line of work. We created this on boarding platform, similar to Remote, to help you build transparent online communication regarding job opportunities in your company, community, or industry. Candidates can search for open jobs, create their online CV profiles, apply for jobs, and connect with others. Recruiters can post jobs and search for qualified candidates using skill filter. The template also enables messaging between users.

Job Board No-Code Template

7. Client Communications

We already covered how important is to join and communicate with a relevant community (read more about it here). But, what about your clients? Good communication with clients is key to running a successful business, and we are empowering this type of communication with our Client Communications template. This responsive template is a suite of tools for freelancers and service providers to effectively communicate project updates and terms with their clients as well as send out surveys in a questionnaire.

Client Communications no-code template

8. Telegram Bot

This Telegram Bot template was inspired from pivoting Zenify, a mindfulness and focus training app, from a landing page to a bot (read more about this story here). The template comes with a stunning animated landing page, user page to subscribe to a stripe plan, and all main bot commands pre-configured (/settings, /help, send message, send audio, send invoice, etc.). This template comes with a built-in Telegram Plugin for Bubble which costs $10/month.

Telegram Bot web app template

9. Social Feeds like YikYak

This anonymous Social Network template is similar to YikYak and features anonymous posts and upvotes. The template is designed to be used primarily for mobile devices.

Social Network web app template

How to use Zeroqode templates

Still not sure how to use Zeroqode templates? No problem — we are here to help!

Zeroqode templates are built to help you develop your application 10x times faster. If you already have in mind what you are looking to build. Check out our template collection. Choose the one closer to what you have in mind, and start building. We encourage you to think out of the box when choosing your template.

Zeroqode templates are built on Bubble — a visual programming solution that enables non technical people to build web applications without needing to type code. Instead, users draw the interface by dragging and dropping elements onto a canvas and defining workflows to control the logic.

Have more questions about Zeroqode Template? Come hang out with us on Zeroqode Forum! Ask questions and receive support from the community.

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