We are happy to announce the launch of Zeroqode — your personal endless paradise of no-code app templates for Bubble!

So here’s what you already know:

  1. Programming is not fun;
  2. Steve Jobs is cooler than Bill Gates;
  3. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know C++ or Python.

Say “good bye” to tight deadlines and work on non-stop mode!

No-code programming
Programming is not fun :)

Now you have Bubble. It is a visual programming platform that allows creating web and mobile apps without writing code.

Bubblewits (now known as Zeroqode Development) team uses the no-code tool to help customers reach their goals as fast as possible. All applications are created by professional designers retrained to work directly in Bubble.

Zeroqode is the next level of your happiness. Let’s just say Bubblewits (now known as Zeroqode Development) created your personal boutique of no-code templates that cater to the needs of any site or app your imagination can project. Functionality & design — those are two corner stones we lean on in the development process.
Besides, creating apps on Zeroqode is 10Х faster which is great news for your personal life!

To be clear, let’s plug in the variety. Just go the web-site, scroll down a little bit and feel free to download any ready-made app template you want.

Suppose you have a start-up willing to pull the freelance team together and build simple and clear communication. Slack, Trello and other stuff is all right, but you need more personalized tool. Sounds familiar? Then choose our Slack or Trello Clone, that both cover the basics, then build on top of them the functions that are custom tailored for your particular idea.

Trello no-code template
Trello Clone interface

Travellers always need to plan and arrange the place to stay. Got ideas to improve the process having all the features of Airbnb covered? Take a look at our AirBNB Clone. You can create apartment listings, add credit card payments and set up other features to match your business requirements.

airBNB no-code template

A la Yelp template is our perfect solution for search, reviews and recommendations. Consider: intelligent responsive design and indispensable Facebook login and user authentication. It’s the most convenient and elegantly responsive template to create a great review website.

Yelp no-code template
Yelp template

We created a perfect landing page to promote your business. Just check our next template that includes the blog with admin access and a set of UI elements.
Here you can preview blog examples and use the whole variety of elements including buttons, inputs, tabs and typography:

Ui kit no-code template

All the bells and whistles — that’s the code name for this Bubblewits template. Oops, sorry for taboo “code” word. Anyway, Complete Startup Pack is a student among templates. Why is that?

It includes everything you might need to create a website quickly: landing pages, visual elements, large amount of components (buttons, panels, notifications and even typography). The typography component will make your text look as great as it sounds.

no-code template

So don’t get lost in the variety of goodies for your app.

By the way, if you need to pump up your skills, you can always visit Bubble.is learning center. Do interactive lessons, watch videos and remember that design and workflow are your 0 and 1 in this non-code world of web design and development!

bubble platform workflows

The Zeroqode No-Code portfolio grows every day. Feel free to check by looking at the collection of our templates.

Nowadays music producers create arrangements using samples, sequencers, being total newbies in music theory. They just have THE IDEA and THE TOOL. And guess what? These people get love of fans and millions of dollars.

What we suggest is THE TOOL to live out your dream! Let’s create?

Take a look at kaleidoscope of colour and pattern, choose the template that caters to your needs and work wonders!

By the way, it is sometimes much easier to work wonders together. Contact us and we’ll provide suggestions for your business.