First of all — we love Product Hunt. The platform is nothing less than amazing, and we give infinite kudos to the team that is creating and maintaining the platform every day — we know it’s hard work.

As you know, the platform offers an amazing way to build a community of people — not just brands. It enables us to help one another understand what great new products are there for everyone to see, which ones are highly recommended, and how are people already using them.

We thought the best way to show how amazing the idea and the execution of Product Hunt would be to create a version of it that you can use for building up the similar community around pretty much any topic or niche.

And let’s be clear — we are in no way trying to copy, infringe rights or in any other way harm or replace The One And Only Product Hunt. Instead, we’re providing a quick and codeless way to begin or enhance your online community using a web platform. Our template is going to save you both time and energy over coding a copy of their website from scratch.

The Product Hunt clone is a versatile template you can use to organize and showcase a collection, invite members of your community to engage in discussion, and orchestrate releases in style. Further, it allows users to upload their listings from the front end, upvote their favorites, create their own collections, and share thoughts and reviews in the comments sections. This no-code template is built on Bubble can enable your users to hunt anything: from API collections for Postman, to new restaurants in your area, or Slack bots. It can be easily adapted without code to fit your idea.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Postman Collections, a website built with no-code using Product Hunt clone template.

Curious what else we have? Check out our template collection on our website.