Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the startup chart of the year!

Who is going to be the moneymaker in 2017? Well, we do know now the main challengers.

Laurel & Wolf: interior designing online

Search for interior designer sometimes results in going bonkers and making everything on your own. Well, here’s the end of all nightmares. Laurel & Wolf startup offers you a unique scheme to search for your perfect designer. You just have to tell about your look, budget and style, and the system will connect you with the right person online!

use AirBNB no-code template
Laurel & Wolf startup

The total funding of the project right now is $25 million.

Does that look similar to an idea of the perfect app you had in mind? We have just the right template for it — our AirBNB no-code template where you can search and manage listings, photos, run credit card payments and much more.

“Our startup romance is one for the books — we met on a rainy day in Rome while we were both studying abroad in college.”

That’s how lyric the startup story begins. The two professional storytellers decided to create a perfect newsletter for millennials, which means: brief and easy-to-read. 
In XXI century, when there’s only time to read the essence and everyone knows the price of time, more than 4 million young people use the app. The budget of the project is $16.4 million so far.

That’s how simple great projects come to life. Looking to create something as good looking or even better?
Our recommendation: take our beautiful Now UI Kit template, customize it the way you like and start creating.

Can’t wait to start making your own app? Wait, wait… take a look at the next startup. :)

Affirm: affordable ways to buy online

Here’s another force to reckon with. One of the most funded startups of 2017 with its $520 million is Affirm. The startup offers absolutely new and clear financing for online shopping. It provides loans from sales point, so you can pay during a month.

Affirm CEO Max Levchin believes that the world financial system needs a refresh and, looking at the funding of the project, he is absolutely right!

Does your business also require a dashboard with all the data and information at glance?
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Digit: budget saving app

Another great tool for millennials who often spend money all over. Thanks God there’s Digit.

The logic is simple: it saves money for you. Depending on your income, the app calculates the exact sum that needs to be saved every day. Obviously, there’s a huge demand for the startup right now and the $36 million funding proves it right.

App backend & Landing

As you see, apps that simplify your life are always in trend. If you do have such know-how, just use it for your future business!

Remember, a great backend is the total must-have for such startup, so take a look at our template created just for that purpose: App backend & Landing.

Houseparty: group video chat

Now it’s time to have some fun! Join the “in-crowd” of up to 8 people to start the most exciting group video chat ever.

Slack no-code template

There’s less of an agenda and mimicking the real world on how you socialize at parties, this makes meeting friends of friends unique,” says Peter Pham, the VC of this startup.Well, right timing is 90% of success!

Create your own “houseparty” by using our Slack Clone, add messaging, user authentication and voilà! You’re on it!

So don’t hesitate when inventing something new, be brave and let your imagination guide you. And as soon as you realize what you’ve got, feel free to choose a no-code template and change the world!