Telegram communities are taking off and enabling incredible discussions, newsfeeds, and micro learning platforms. Yes, Telegram was initially created as a secure, cloud-based social messaging platform to compete with the likes of Messenger and WhatsApp (for more on this, read Siraj Abbas’ explanation why use Telegram). However, the platform has now mixed Twitter-like functionality (channel leaders publicly broadcast information), with community or group dynamics. What has ensued is the birth of some truly relevant conversations, which you may engage as quickly or as deeply as you please.

It’s no secret communities are important for startups (if you want to read more about the importance of joining a community check out our earlier post on “Why communities are important”). That’s why we’re here to share with you the top 5 telegram channels we enjoy and recommend!

  1. Programmer Jokes — a channel to get your daily share of geeky laughter. They post daily jokes that can brighten up a programmer’s darkest days. So, want to up your cool factor around the office? Join this channel and share with your team some truly funny jokes.
Programmer jokes

2. Programming Challenges — with tasks ranging in difficulty from beginner-friendly to crazy hard, this channel can challenge programmers of any level with skill-honing problems. If you’re looking to maintain your skills or push yourself to learn new ones, this channel will push you in a friendly competition. Our suggestion: share the channel with a few of your coder-friends and compete with each other for a prize of your choice!

3. Tech Guide — is sharing Android, Windows, iOS, Computer related tips, tricks, guides, and news. This is your source for quick daily updates from the tech world. Instead of spending time clicking through several sites or blogs, you get fresh and relevant news in bullet point. Use these facts to stay ahead of the trends and make the best decisions for your company.

tech guide

4. Programming tips — a spot for fun and useful programming tips, design patterns, software, principles and resources. When looking through Telegram channels, this one really stood out due to its practical and inspiring ideas for improving an app or site. Give a quick look to this channel on a regular basis to see how you can add that extra flare or simplify a step on your product!

5. Zeroqode — a community to discuss all things no-code. The world of developing apps without code is young and constantly developing. We believe this way of building beautiful apps and websites in a fraction of the time is the way of the future, and therefore we’re inviting you into the discussion. On this Telegram channel, you may ask questions, seek inspiration, or hear from community leaders how they built and tested a successful MVP or product in no time! If you’re looking for a way to release your idea to the web or app store in weeks not months, join in the discussion or check these ready-to-go no-code templates!

Congratulations! You made your first step toward joining a community. Now, all you have to do is click and start chatting.

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