Have a service marketplace startup idea but need a tool to build it? We have the solution! Check out our “Booking & Appointment” Template on Product Hunt.

It is no secret clients are spoiled. They like to have everything in one app. All service in town in a single marketplace, plus the possibility to book online. So why not supply their demand? An industry oriented booking & appointment application would be the solution. And we know you have been thinking about it already, therefore we launched our Booking & Appointment Template. It was created for anyone who needs to build a platform bringing users and different service providers together (e.g. consultants, teachers, fitness instructors, handymen, etc.). It features responsive design, messaging, payments and refunds, cancellation policies and much more. The Appointment Booking template offers:

  • Time savings leveraging an automated booking system
  • Clarity by organizing all your reservations in one place
  • Access to new customers, service providers, and advertising opportunities

So wait no more! Check out our Booking & Appointment Template . To test the template use these credentials to login: email: test@email.com , password: zeroqode#1 .

We are looking forward to hear your thoughts and feedback on Product Hunt today.

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Build Your Own Service Marketplace Without Code