Got a startup but no tech founder? We’re here to help! Zeroqode is launching Courses — learning resources to help you build an MVP in days, not months.

Zeroqode Courses is the place where you can learn to build web and mobile apps using Bubble, share your knowledge, interact with fellow founders, and engage the greater Bubble community. The heart of Courses is its offering of practical online tutorials from expert Bubble users. However, Zeroqode Courses is not just a learning platform; it’s a community. The skills learned with Zeroqode Courses enable you to build and launch your product without the cost or hassle of hiring a development team. Much easier than teaching yourself to code, Zeroqode Courses will provide you the skills and resources you need to validate or launch your product in days, not months.

No-code Courses at Zeroqode Lab

If you are a founder, developer or designer building a web or mobile application, Zeroqode Courses is for you! Just review the courses in your area of interest, and click to join the class.

Right now, the first batch of curated resources is live at Zeroqode Courses and we will be rolling out more in the coming weeks.

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