How it takes a village to raise an app.

What We Mean By “Online Community”

Clearly, there’s a lot of “communities” online. In this blog post, we’ll be referring to those groups that were created around one product, technology, or methodology. In these groups, users or those interested in the topic can pose a question or offer advice. These communities enable those with mutual interests to connect — occasionally even resulting in new business partnerships.

Have you been unsure whether you should ever join such a group? To get you started, here are at least three ways you can benefit from online communities.

How They’re Helpful

1. Get Informed

Online communities offer those who are new to a technology or system the ability to quickly and directly engage in a conversation with real users. Not sure if a platform is a good fit for your startup idea? Curious if anyone’s previously tried what you’re considering to do? Online communities can help you understand both the possibilities and limits of a platform by enabling candid discussions with those who use the technology every day. With this information, you’ll be set to choose your next step with way more confidence.

2. Become Inspired

How do you build something inspiring? You get inspired! Whether you feel stuck and want to ask a “safe” group of peers for advice, or you want to browse through some amazing work from other creators — participation in online communities can give your brain just the jolt it needs to create your next masterpiece.

3. Save Time

Have you ever been assembling an Ikea table and, despite the manual, can’t figure out how to get the last leg attached? Do you remember trying to fight the urge of smashing the table to pieces right as your friend walks into the room, glances at the table, and explains in 2 seconds how you could have attached the leg? Well, online communities can be just like that helpful friend, who comes alongside to quickly validate new solutions from a different perspective. Because, no matter how great the instructions are, sometimes we just need to talk to a human when figuring out the “how-to’s” and workarounds.

How Our Community Will Help You

Zeroqode is launching our Slack community to help you understand how you might use the no-code technology or our no-code templates in particular, get inspired by peers, and save a bunch of time when building on Bubble. While we promise to actively respond to your questions and support your needs, the strength of this community is greatly relying on you. That’s why we’ve been so happy to see dialogues, connections, and brainstorming already taking off on our Slack channels!

To join in the discussion or get an answer to a question of your own, just click on Zeroqode on Slack and join us right away!

Also, we have launched our community on Product Hunt and would appreciate an upvote and feedback!